Joe Van Dyke

Joe found the guitar at the tender age of 7. At the age of 8, Joe stole his mother’s 1964 Rambler with a plan to go to Ocean City, MD and play music with his co-conspirator, Billy Walters. (Billy, if you read this *&%@ YOU!!!) I got 30 days in the hole for that shit!! So, being passed around family members for the next few years, Joe managed to irritate all his aunts and uncles until they bought him all of the guitar gear he asked for, just as long as he didn’t come back to their homes later. It worked!!

At the age of 16, Joe married his high school sweetheart, loaded up his guitars and went into the coal mines in Pineville, WV. It was a very trying and dangerous time. He was almost killed “twice” while employed there. After leaving the mines due to the extended strikes in 1978, Joe joined the U.S. Army during the Iranian Hostage Crisis to do his patriotic duty. He played for small bands in Virginia and Colorado for extra money and sometimes the only income he had. After moving to Germany in 1982 Joe found a few of the best C&W swing bands in the country (at the time) to perform with while stationed there.

Joe has performed at over 300 hundred venues in Western Europe, Canada and the US opening for Dave and Sugar, Johnny Paycheck, Dwight Whitley (Kieth’s Brother) and Johnny Rodriguez just to name a few.

Joe’s songs now being produced are a direct result of his life experiences. You can’t beat a true story! Being brought up in a very poor home we had to find a way to entertain ourselves. “I learned to play the guitar out of spite of my brother, just to prove I was better”, and I was 7 years younger. Yep, that’s how it started. I also have many musicians in my family so it was a cool thing to be a guitarist. You know, you played all of the weddings, funerals, wakes, birthdays, mountain parties and even got paid, sometimes….

Today I enjoy being able to weave my life’s experiences into heartfelt lyrics and smooth guitar work.

Come out and see my shows listed on this site and support your favorite local musicians, no matter who they may be! Peace, Love and Rock n Roll!

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